Web Server Template Not Available Certsrv

What is Certsrv?

Certsrv is a web-based interface that is used to manage and issue digital certificates in a Microsoft Windows environment. It provides a user-friendly interface for administrators to request and manage certificates, as well as for end-users to enroll for and install certificates on their devices.

The Importance of Web Server Templates

Web server templates are pre-configured certificate templates that define the properties of the certificates that can be issued by the Certsrv service. They specify the cryptographic algorithms, key lengths, usage purposes, and other settings that are required by the web servers to secure communications.

The Issue: Web Server Template Not Available

One common issue that administrators may encounter when using Certsrv is the unavailability of the web server template. This means that the necessary template for issuing certificates to web servers is not present or cannot be accessed through the Certsrv interface.

Possible Causes

There are several reasons why the web server template may not be available:

1. Misconfiguration: The web server template may not have been properly configured or published in the Certificate Templates Console.

2. Permissions: The user account used to access Certsrv may not have the necessary permissions to view or request the web server template.

3. Template Version: The web server template may be outdated or incompatible with the version of Certsrv being used.


Here are some possible solutions to the issue of the web server template not being available:

1. Verify Configuration: Check the Certificate Templates Console to ensure that the web server template is properly configured and published. Make sure that the necessary settings and permissions are applied to the template.

2. Check Permissions: Ensure that the user account used to access Certsrv has the necessary permissions to view and request the web server template. Grant the required permissions if necessary.

3. Update Template: If the web server template is outdated or incompatible, consider updating it to a newer version that is compatible with the Certsrv service being used.


Having the web server template available in Certsrv is essential for managing and issuing certificates to web servers. When the template is not available, it can cause inconvenience and hinder the secure communication between web servers and clients. By following the solutions provided, administrators can resolve the issue and ensure the smooth operation of the Certsrv service.


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